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Between Interval - Secret Observatory

CD album, Spotted Peccary Music
Release date: April 12, 2005

Secret Observatory is my second album, and this one is very sacred to me. It contains the most deep and atmospheric space music I have ever composed. I worked on this album during 2004 and early 2005. The four tracks on the CD are all connected and actually play as one long track, 56 minutes long. This was my first release ever on American label Spotted Peccary Music.

Spotted Peccary Music

Where to get this CD:

If you'd like, it's possible to order this CD directly from me! All orders are taken from my ambient web site, at www.betweeninterval.com. The CD sleeve can be signed upon request.

If you prefer the usual shops, Secret Observatory is also available in many other places, for example:

Spotted Peccary webshop
Amazon.co.jp (Japan)
Tower Records (Japan)
Amazon.de (Germany)
Amazon.fr (France)
CD Universe
Megastore.se (Sweden)

Also available on iTunes.

Reviews & comments

"#1 space music title for 2005"
- Lloyd Barde, Backroadsmusic.com.

For dark ambient fans it doesn't get any better than Secret Observatory.
- Phil Derby, Electroambient Space

A must have ambient recording in my opinion.
- Dene Bebbington, Melliflua

One need only look at the cover image and read the title to get a solid indication of what to expect: deep mysterious spacemusic. Jönsson does not disappoint in that regard. Comprised of four lengthy tracks (only the last one is under fourteen minutes, and it's still eight minutes long), Secret Observatory takes the listener on a voyage to the outer edges of our galaxy and beyond. This is as close to ideal cosmic music as you're gonna get.
- Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire
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"Jönsson's palette is wholly, splendidly electronic (not a note of percussion to be heard), and he sustains a nonjarring, deep-megahertz ambiance throughout the disc's 56 minutes as he transports listeners to the far fringes of deepest space. The result is an audio sojourn that is mysterious and wondrous, with a faint hint of tension that gradually translates into a state of cautious awe."
- Terry Wood, editorial review at Amazon.com. Read the full review here!

Ponderous undulating beds of intense aural solitude. Dark and spacious, minimal, suggestive of universal vastness. Heavenly choral synth work lifts the sound into light in places, electronic swishes and sonic air currents provide occasional surface motion, slowly cycling structures suggest swirling currents and then like a stream entering a lake stillness pervades.
- Paul, Morpheus Music. Read the full review here.

...det går inte många minuter förrän jag är fast, för inledande spåret "Garden Of The Divine" är mästerligt, och de arton minuterna känns mycket mindre. Between Interval rör sig hela tiden mellan klassisk ambient och den betydligt mörkare varianten spacemusic.
- Jonaz Björk, Zero Music Magazine. Read the full review here (Swedish only).

As I was listening to "Garden of the Divine," if you actually take the time to listen and absorb the music, I felt as though my mind had been lifted up into the sky and I subconsciously floated across the world. With music like this, the little changes become big and over the course of eighteen minutes, I mentally traveled to quite a few places. This has nothing to do with meditation or being physic. It is when you actually listen to the music and let it do what it will to you. The best part is that it puts you at peace and gives you a true sense of calm.
- Terry Wickham, Mantaray Pictures

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- Review in E-dition Magazine.

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