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Between Interval - The Edge of a Fairytale

CD album, Spotted Peccary Music
Release date: April 14, 2009

The Edge of a Fairytale is an ambient excursion to inner and outer spaces. Inspired and influenced by ancient myths, legends and places, this album is my soundtrack to the world as we perceive it; balancing between the known and the unknown - on The Edge of a Fairytale.

"...the deep, rich and mystifying sound that resides on The Edge of a Fairytale has a somewhat dark point of view. However it is not a darkness of evil, but rather one that dwells within the uncharted realms between truth and fiction; a darkness representing an unknown that we travel through while always optimistic that there is light – or enlightenment – to be found somewhere ahead."

Spotted Peccary Music

Where to get this CD:

If you'd like, it's possible to order this CD directly from me! All orders are taken from my ambient web site, at www.betweeninterval.com. The CD sleeve can be signed upon request.

If you prefer the usual shops, The Edge of a Fairytale is also available in many other places, for example:

Spotted Peccary webshop
Amazon.co.jp (Japan)
Amazon.de (Germany)
Amazon.fr (France)
CD Universe
Megastore.se (Sweden)

iTunes (now including a digital booklet!)

Reviews & comments

I cannot precisely define what it is that makes Between Interval’s brand of ambient music so special, but I can emphatically state that he is one of my favorite artists in the genre today.

- Phil Derby, Electroambient Space

The outcome of "The Edge of a Fairytale" sure has been worth the wait, offering a fascinating ambient journey with a highly cinematic impact, presented as 11 tracks of deep and occasionally darker textural music. The expertly crafted and mastered soundscapes smoothly move through mysterious and dense sonic worlds, flowing back and forth through expansive spaces and darker caverns that are beyond imagination and wonder.

- Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

...this album is a invigorating masterpiece, a blast of spiritual energy and light. Between Interval has become one to watch for me, and this album is why. Recommended for any fan of ambient music. An unconditional 5 stars.

- Josh Landry, In Place of Dreary Patterns

Having the intrepid questing spirit of Steve Roach, the emotional warmth and blissfulness of Jonn Serrie, and production skills comparable to Michael Stearns, Strand has managed to transcend his abilities to a distinct sonic Voice with Visions that transport the listener to incredible higher dimensions Beyond & Within the Imagination. [...] Albums like this help you realize that there ARE still limits that can be pushed.

- Darv Krizton, DarvReviews

One must admire the mysterious ways in which this music somehow reaches and reproduces that which is at our inner most being. Quieting the mind Between Interval provokes us to reflection.

- Chuck Van Zyl, Star's End

Opening track ‘Delta Capricorni’ offers a pretty good indication as to to the sorts of deep ambient atmospheres to be found amongst the eleven tracks here, opening proceedings with sorts of vast synth pads, harmonic sweeps and deep, ominous bass drones you’d associate with Tangerine Dream or ‘Baraka’s Michael Stearns – indeed, it’s practically begging to be accompanied with some time-lapse video footage of desert clouds.

- Chris Downton, Cyclic Defrost

It's an impressive work, from the mystery of 'The Great Void' to the majesty of 'Portals In Time', with it's strings and cavernous electronic swells. Strand's fusions of light and dark; of gentle, natural landscapes and huge spacescapes, are seamless and mesmerizing.

- goatsend.blogspot.com

These smooth compositions have a clean spacey nature, velvet drones and glossy washes welling up into curving waves of sound, softly undulating sequential phrases and patterns somewhere just below the surface. Dark, shifting masses of tone at times suggest enormous expanses, lighter strains faintly illuminating the gloom, atonal threads suggesting air movement.

- Paul, Morpheus Music
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