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I'm a musician / producer / composer within electronic genres. I'm also a web developer working in southern Sweden. This is the place where I show my work to the world. Send me a note if there's anything you'd like to ask me about!
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Halftone - Stranger EP

Halftone - Stranger EP


Free MP3 downloads:

Stranger (Original mix)
Stranger (Monodrive remix)
Stranger (Nimrod remix)
Stranger (Johan Agebjörn remix)

Also available on pro duplicated CD-R in a 50 copy limited edition. More info on www.halftone.info.
Written and produced by Stefan Jönsson and Olof Lönnroth.
Monodrive remix produced by Stefan Jönsson.
Nimrod remix produced by Markus Kristo.
Johan Agebjörn remix produced by Johan Agebjörn.

"Behind Halftone are Swedish residents Olof Lönnroth from Göteborg and Stefan Jönsson from Malmö. Due to the distance between the two cities, Olof and Stefan do most work together via internet. When they actually meet up in real life, most time is spent drinking beer."

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