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Casablanca Nights

Casablanca Nights


  1. 8ths (Intro Edit)
  2. The Last Day of Summer [with Ercola & Queen of Hearts]
  3. This Case Is Closed (Remix) [with Friday Bridge]
  4. Watch the World Go By [with Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat]
  5. Casablanca Nights [with Lovelock & Sally Shapiro]
  6. Alice [with Fred Ventura, Le Prix & Sally Shapiro]
  7. Spacer Woman From Mars [with Sally Shapiro]
  8. So Fine All The Time [with Legowelt & Wolfram]
  9. Le Noir Et Le Blanc Sur Le Plano [with Sally Shapiro]
  10. Memories of Satie [with CFCF]
  11. Stranger (Chill Remix) [with Halftone]
Johan Agebjörn and friends - Casablanca Nights
Released on Paper Bag Records
Release date: May 10, 2011

Featured track: Stronger (Chill Remix) [with Halftone], written by Olof Lönnroth, Stefan Strand and Johan Agebjörn

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