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V/A - New Age Music and new sounds volume 181

V/A - New Age Music and new sounds volume 181


  1. Parish - Intimate Motion
  2. John Rabbit Bundrick - Sacred Dream
  3. Bekki Williams - Amber Dawn (Twilight Mix)
  4. Tom Salvatori & Iris Litchfield - Breath of Spring
  5. Katie Hope - Searching for the Spirit
  6. Emma Ninel - Light in you
  7. Matthew Labarge - I can't believe I'm the only one
  8. Ataraxia - The Nine Rituals
  9. Christ. - Cordate
  10. Freud - Phantasmagoria
  11. Nana Raven - Dream Sequence (excerpt)
  12. Between Interval - The Tides of Time
CD compilation which came with the 181st volume of Italian magazine New Age and new sounds.
Released 2008.

Featured track: Between Interval - The Tides of Time

The magazine also featured a nice two page article about me and my music:
Between Interval featured in New Age and New Sounds

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